Journey Ahead

We all love traveling. Regardless of where we live, how we look and who we are. Whether it’s a short trip to a local park, a family weekend in a wood cabin or a lifetime holiday that takes you to the end of the world. Humans are inquisitive by nature and traveling is one of the most fulfilling ways to get answers we seek, to make new friends, to learn about different cultures, food and people. Traveling is the vessel for curiosity, discovery and freedom.

Moving Forward

Ever since commercial flying became available to more and more of us, it opened so many opportunities to go on an adventure, rest, get away from our busy lives. With every decade, year, month, the world started to become smaller and smaller. Our travel possibilities became endless. It almost seems that most of us became numb to the feeling of new horizons and discovery. We started complaining that flights are too long, that food is not good enough, that planes are too crowded and tickets to a country thousands of miles away, are too expensive.

Sarcasm of Life

Funny, because life has ways to show us what’s what. Current world we live in, took us by surprise and all the luxuries we were taking for granted, were taken away over the course of a few weeks. Today, we can’t even go to a local grocery store, let alone get on a flight to another country. I myself, am stuck in Lithuania, away from my husband, not knowing when I will be able to go home.

As much as this situation sucks, I think in a way, it’s good that it happened. We needed a wake-up call, a reality check. Of course, traveling is only one thing we can’t do at the moment. However, it’s very interesting to see, how dependent we as humans became on traveling itself. It’s not only our free time, but food, medication, clothing, electronics, household and variety of other essential things, that depend on traveling. Everything and everyone constantly move and travel. We need this to survive, to be social beings, to continue existing as a society.

Grateful Heart

No-one knows when this current journey will end but let’s hope by the time it does end, we will learn something positive. Let’s hope, we understand the AMAZING world we live in, the opportunities we have, the comfortable lives we lead. Let’s be grateful for what we already achieved and experienced, let’s be grateful for what we have today, and let’s be grateful for the journey ahead.