Journey Ahead

We all love traveling. Regardless of where we live, how we look and who we are. Whether it’s a short trip to a local park, a family weekend in a wood cabin or a lifetime holiday that takes you to the end of the world. Humans are inquisitive by nature and traveling is one of the most fulfilling ways to get answers we seek, to make new friends, to learn about different cultures, food and people. Traveling is the vessel for curiosity, discovery and freedom.


Invisible Illness

The first time I heard term ‘Invisible Illness’ was just few months ago. I never even imagined that such term existed. Of course, I knew that some illnesses are not visible to the eye and yet they exist. However, it’s true that you only start paying attention to things when they hit closest to home.


Food Is Love

I truly believe that food is one of better ways to express our emotions. Especially when it comes to love. My love for food started early in life and I always associated it with happiness, family, friends and good times. I always try to have something to eat or snack on, when I know that I will have visitors. It’s just something I have learned from my family and carried with me throughout my life.