Heal with Nature

It’s not a secret that nature has so many healing powers when it comes to our well-being. It can improve both our physical and mental health. For me personally, it seems that the older I get, the more time I want to spend outside. I guess it’s my yearning for tranquility, harmony and just my journey towards finding inner peace.

Be More Outside

Even though this year has been tough, when it comes to being able to go on holiday, on an adventure or just exploring new places (thanks Covid), my recent stay in Lithuania gave me quite a lot of time and opportunity to spend outside. Once quarantine was relaxed, I tried to spend as much time as I can in fresh air, reading a book in my nan’s garden, going on a weekend trip to the sea or just walking in local parks and nearby forests.

Now that I am back in the UK, I am trying to create new routines around my time outside. Once again, I have picked up running and I hope to continue it even when it gets colder. Me and my husband try and go for a little exploration trip every weekend and I am of course, so lucky to have a garden where I can just relax when I want to.

It’s Physical and Mental

When it comes to physical health, the benefits of being outside are pretty obvious. Fresh air is good for oxygen levels in our brain and lungs, hiking, running or any other outdoor physical activity is good for heart health, blood pressure, weight management and multitude of other reasons.

However, when it comes to our mental health, things get a bit more interesting. Have you ever noticed that after a walk in a park or forest, you feel energized, your mind is clearer and you just feel happier? This is because the landscape of nature is still and has calming effect on our brain. Think about when you are in a city, with constant movement from cars, people, millions of lights and just never-ending stimulation. Well, nature is complete opposite. Calm, still and there for you to relax, reset and replenish your mind with positivity.

Nature Needs Protection

Unfortunately, one of the more pressing issues of the 21st century is climate change. This of course includes global warming, pollution, waste, natural resource issues and other arears that are affected by insatiable consumerism and disregard of global financial giants.

I could write about these issues until my eyes bleed, but all I want to say here is that it’s all up to us. Don’t wait until our governments step in or someone rich and famous creates an initiative. Start with yourself. Start with what you can. Start now. If you can’t afford to replace your plastic usage at home all in one go, do it gradually. Stop buying plastic bags every time you go to a shop. Just buy a couple of reusable ones and you will contribute to plastic waste management, as well as save money for your household. Don’t buy plastic straws for your child’s 5th birthday, but replace them with metal or bamboo ones (this will have the same result as plastic bag replacement). Plan your food for the week, you will save money and won’t contribute to food waste. Buy that reusable water bottle and create a reminder on your phone to take it with you, next time you go on a walk.

There are so many ways to just be better at something that a lot of us still take for granted. If you don’t know where to start, watch a documentary, find someone who stands for this cause online, talk to people, the world is full of information. Even if you think this does not affect you today, think about your children and grandchildren. Educate not only yourself but your family and friends. Just be a responsible human being and understand that, humans are not above nature, we are part of it.