The Bread and The Falafel

I love all food, however, cuisines that have multiple dishes in one meal, hold a special place in my heart. You can never get bored with eating variety! For me, Mediterranean kitchen ticks all the boxes. The flavors, the colors, the variety and of course fresh vegetables/fruit just make it so delicious. My next recipe is very simple and traditional, but has so many ways for preparation. Try making everything from scratch with my simple pitta bread and falafel recipe.

Ingredients (for pitta)

Flour (250g)

Luke warm water (200ml)

Pinch of salt

Olive oil

Ingredients (for falafel)

Chickpeas (1 can or 200g of fresh (soaked overnight))

Fresh onion (1 head, I used red)

Garlic (1 clove)

Bunch of herbs (whatever you have at home, I used parsley)

Flour (5tbsp)

Cumin (0.5tsp)



Smoked paprika (0.5tsp)

Baking powder (0.5tsp)

Olive oil (1tbsp for the falafel mix)

Olive oil (500ml for frying)


For the bread, just add flour, salt and water (slowly) and mix until you can form plum size balls without losing shape. Take one ball and press it with the bottom part of a glass or a bowl. Take your rolling pin and flatten the dough as much as you want. Fry on a tiny bit of oil until done. Repeat, until you run out of dough balls.

For the falafel, take you food processor and add chickpeas, onion, garlic and herbs, blitz for about 30 seconds (you don’t want to over-blitz it). Add all your spices, oil and flour (adjust flour amount, as you don’t want them to melt in the oil if you put not enough, or make them too hard if you put too little). Mix well and form little balls, ready to be fried. Make sure oil is hot enough before you put your falafels in (be careful and protect your eyes and skin). Fry until they become brown (keep your eye on them, so they don’t burn).

You can serve this with any other vegetables or sauce you prefer. I have added hummus, fresh tomatoes, bell pepper and some lemon to make it even more flavorsome. Have a great meal!