Homemade Pineapple and Banana Sorbet

I am always looking for less sugary and healthier ways to snack on. When it’s hot, one thing comes to mind – something cold! Of course, I love store bought ice-cream and sorbet, but sometimes it’s just nice to make something yourself. Below sorbet recipe is a perfect way to refresh your taste buds without feeling guilty.


1 banana

1.5 cups of pineapple

0.5 glass of coconut milk (alternative – any other plant milk or dairy)


In a blender add banana, pineapple and milk. Blend everything until smooth. Pour into a container and keep in a freezer until frozen. I also added some chopped nuts, but any topping can be used. For a sweeter version, you can add some maple syrup. If you want sorbet to be softer, freeze banana beforehand. This way, you won’t have to wait as long for the mass to be frozen. Yum!