Freedom Chocolate Cake

Most of us love chocolate. Some people can eat it everyday, for others, it’s an occasional treat. The variety of chocolate accessible to us is absolutely insane! From super sweet to extremely bitter, from very cheap to incredibly expensive. There is something for everyone.

However, when you buy your chocolate, do you ever think where it came from? I am not talking about the factory it was packaged in, but where the actual coco beans were grown and what is its origin? I never did, until I saw a documentary on Netflix called ‘Rotten’. One of the episodes was about chocolate industry and the whole process from growing coco beans to buying chocolate in your local supermarket. To be honest, it shook me. I never even imagined that something so positively represented all over the world, something that we associate with love, celebrations and good times, for some, can actually be a cause of death, a cause of losing family or even becoming a slave (yes, this is a very big issue in chocolate industry both for adults and children!). Please spare some time and watch that episode. It will open your eyes and at the minimum, will make you think twice before you grab that chocolate bar at the store.

Luckily, that documentary also introduced me to a company called Tony’s Chocolonely. They are an absolutely incredible chocolate manufacturer that strives to make all chocolate, slavery free! I have been supporting them and enjoying their amazing chocolate for a couple of years now and not planing to stop. Therefore, my below recipe is dedicated to those who are against slavery. Let’s be more aware whilst enjoying the best of the best!

Ingredients (for the cake)

A full bar of Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate (180g)

Butter (130g)

Sugar (260g)

Eggs (4)

Flour (100g)

Vanilla extract (1tbsp)

Baking powder (1tsp)

Ingredients (for the glazing)

Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate (100g)

Butter (50g)


Melt the chocolate and butter in a pot (don’t let it boil). In a mixing bowl, add sugar and eggs, and mix until light yellow. Once combined, add melted chocolate and butter, mix well. Finally, add flour and baking powder, again, mix well. Line your baking tray with parchment paper, pour cake mixture in and bake on 180C for about 25-30 minutes (check with a toothpick if needed). Once the cake is done, take it out of the oven and let it cool down. Make your glazing by melting chocolate and butter, pour it on a cool cake and let it set for a while. You can decorate it with fruit, berries or nuts (I sprinkled mine with some chopped pistachios). Yum!