Food Is Love

I truly believe that food is one of better ways to express our emotions. Especially when it comes to love. My love for food started early in life and I always associated it with happiness, family, friends and good times. I always try to have something to eat or snack on, when I know that I will have visitors. It’s just something I have learned from my family and carried with me throughout my life.

The Process

We all know that true love is all about giving. To me, cooking for your loved ones is one of the best ways to express love. It’s the process of coming up with interesting dishes, finding out what foods people enjoy, gathering all the ingredients and eventually presenting the final result to the table. Regardless, if you cook yourself or go out to dine, it’s all about the details, conversations and laughter. Food to me is like glue that keeps the night going, that starts the conversation, that makes you a part of your favorite group.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Nevertheless, since food is so closely related to our emotions, it can become our worst enemy. Think about someone who has been told most of their life that they are ugly, fat or too skinny, that their skin is not clear enough, that they need to stop eating to look a certain way.  Not only this can completely ruin the relationship with food but it can affect a person’s life in an extremely negative way. It can break their self-esteem, damage their view towards what’s beautiful and what’s not, self-love might become non-existent.

It’s Simple

I really hope that through simple and basic things like enjoying food, we can learn so much. It’s not only about filling your belly and being satisfied until next meal. It’s about building relationships, finding common ground, managing emotions, healing, supporting each other and being part of something beautiful.