Burger of the Year

I try and stay away from fast food, purely for health reasons. However, if I have a chance of making some fast food option at home, I am all for it! Few weeks ago, a friend provided us with some vegan burger patties. Naturally, it called for a homemade burger.


Burger patties (I used vegan, but regular meat is also good)

Burger buns (my favourites are brioche burger buns)


Ketchup (best is to get some high quality one)


Spinach (or any other leafy green)

Cheese (a weird one, but for me, cheap, sliced, melting cheese goes best for a burger)


Put your prepared burger patties into a tin and oven bake for about 15-20 minutes (depending how raw you want them to be). Slice tomato and onion, lightly toast burger buns. Once everything is ready, stack the ingredients in the following order: bottom bun, spinach, onion, ketchup, patty, cheese, ketchup (again), tomato and top patty. Of course, enjoy them with some French fries and homemade milkshake.