A Bowl of Goodness

Being the smoothie person that I am, I have decided to do a blog post purely about smoothies. I wanted to make this post informative, inspire you to use your imagination more often and just make it fun and colorful experience. Let’s see if you guys can learn anything new about a dish that became one of the most popular breakfasts out there.

The Origin

When I started reading more about where and when smoothies became a thing, I was quite surprised. Of course, different countries in South America and other warmer climate areas, have been making pureed foods and drinks for a very long time. However, the actual smoothie concept started to emerge, when Stephen Poplawski invented a blender back in 1922. Then there was a rebirth of macrobiotic vegetarianism of 1960s and 1970s, which increased consumption of fruit and veg. Finally, since early 2000s smoothies became a huge part of diet culture, veganism and healthy living in general.

Let’s Have Some Fun

For me personally, smoothies became a huge part of my life about three years ago. Once me and my husband were fully settled in our new home and I decided to join Instagram, smoothies were one of the first pictures I posted. As time went on, my imagination and creativity improved and following that, my smoothies became one of the favorite things to eat and photograph.

Speaking about imagination. There are days when I have all the ingredients pre-planned and my smoothie creation process is super easy. However, on the days when I start to run out of produce (usually by the end of the week), I need to work with what I have. There were many cases when I had only three, four ingredients and managed to make a delicious smoothie bowl. I think that as long as you have a banana, milk of any kind and at least one topping, you can make a basic smoothie bowl (or a cup).

However, when it comes to making something that requires more imagination, my smoothies have to meet three main criteria: have lots good colors, be nutritious and taste amazing. I make smoothies for a few reasons: it is a quick and easy way to get your vitamins for the day, to get that fiber to help start your digestion and have something to share with my followers.

No Limit

I honestly think that because smoothies have so many options and variations, they will never be out of fashion. I think you can never be bored of them, especially if you use variety of vegetables and/or fruit. It’s not only a breakfast option, it can be a midday or a midnight snack, it can become a dessert, it can serve as a decoration and it can be consumed literally by anyone, as long as you make sure you have no allergies to the chosen ingredients.

In conclusion, I just want to say that when it comes to making food, do not be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you fail or don’t like something, it will be an experience that you can share and use in the future. If you succeed, you will be super proud, happy and content. Let’s keep blending and creating!