Heal with Nature

It’s not a secret that nature has so many healing powers when it comes to our well-being. It can improve both our physical and mental health. For me personally, it seems that the older I get, the more time I want to spend outside. I guess it’s my yearning for tranquility, harmony and just my journey towards finding inner peace.


Around It Goes

I was trying to come up with a name for this post that would reflect its content in the best way possible. You see, in the past, it has always been either mental health or physical health. However, after my CSS diagnosis I have been proven yet again, that health is all inclusive. Therefore, this post is all about relationship between our body and mind.


A Guide from The Past

Everyone always says: be grateful for what you have now, enjoy the present and don’t look back. However, for the last year or so, that’s all I have been wishing for. Moving back to Lithuania, wishing my health was the way it was before my diagnosis, being able to spend time with my family whenever I want to, travel more and just be happier. These things were and still are on my mind a lot. So, what to do when you are haunted by everything from the past, your present is hidden in the mist of confusion and your future feels bleak. How to be grateful for everything you have and for life in general?!


Are You Better Now?

I can’t even count anymore, how many times people asked me this. It’s nice to know people care but after a while it can become vexing. I am not talking about those who ask because they don’t know you, I am talking about those, to whom you already explained your diagnosis before. Even though I try my best to explain what Central Sensitization (CS) is, it’s hard for most of us to really comprehend how it works, what causes it and how it can be managed.

The Name

Medical world itself has doctors who never even heard of CS. Because it’s something that can’t be treated with a pill, nor can it be diagnosed through one single test, there is still quite a bit of skepticism around it. Nevertheless, neurologists who study our brain and specifically show interest in CS field, have done some remarkable work over a few decades it has been introduced (the first evidence of CS was generated in 1983).


Invisible Illness

The first time I heard term ‘Invisible Illness’ was just few months ago. I never even imagined that such term existed. Of course, I knew that some illnesses are not visible to the eye and yet they exist. However, it’s true that you only start paying attention to things when they hit closest to home.