• Everything that’s negative in your life right now, can be transformed into something positive. Things change, people change and nothing is impossible. All you need is action.

Everyone plans their future and expects everything to go to plan. However, most of the time things just happen, and when they do, it’s up to us to adapt, make best choices and learn to enjoy the journey.

I have never imagined that by the age of thirty I will be a divorcee, TB survivor and move to another country. All of this and many more life challenges have changed my life forever.

My experiences taught me valuable lessons and proved, that regret is your worst enemy, that people deserve love and compassion, that good health is the biggest treasure one can have.

Probably one of the biggest reasons, why I have decided to become a Health Coach and help others, is my health.

If I would say that after full recovery from lung tuberculosis, I had an epiphany and turned my life around, I would be lying. It took me another half a decade to learn to live with the after effects of this destructive condition, to love and take care of myself. My journey towards healthier mind and body will never end.

If you are someone who is struggling with respiratory problems, who is recovering from a long time illness or someone who just needs help in their journey, let me know!

I will share my knowledge and my experience. We will work together and make things happen!


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